The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

10 October 2008

The Foundation

The Foundation is now an Incorporated Charitable Trust in New Zealand. Our application for registration under the New Zealand Charities Act has now reached the Quality Review stage, which is expected to take several more months. It would seem that applications from charities whose work is for the benefit of people outside New Zealand are referred to the Quality Review stage for closer scrutiny before being decided upon. If the application is successful, all New Zealand donations received after 25 June 2008 will be tax deductable.

CORRECTION: Because our application for donee status has now been referred to the government for listing under Schedule 32 of the Income Tax Act, only donations received after the application has been approved will be tax deductable, not donations received after 25 June 2008 as previously stated. (23 October 2008)


Fund-raising for the Cedric School Project

You can make a difference to the lives of these young people at Cedric School. Because of the generosity of many, the Foundation has already achieved 38% of the capital requirement target for the first year (US$317,000), and 48% of the operational requirement target (US$120,000). You will see that our most urgent need is now for the capital requirements.

The Foundation is also seeking committed sponsors for all 260 students at NZ$12 (US$10) per student per month, and sponsors for the 8 teachers at $400 (US$320) per teacher per month. This sponsorship will ensure that the school running costs are covered while the farm is being established.

Cheques should be made out to The Limapela Foundation, or you may use the Pledge Form. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in assisting in any other way, or if you require further information. The full project proposal can be viewed or downloaded here.

Agreement to Purchase

Our lawyer in Zambia is now arranging a meeting with Cedric and Mike Whittemore, the owners of the school and the land, to secure their written agreement to sell for a total of US$171,000. Once signed, a 10% deposit will be paid into a trust account in Zambia, and the balance will be required some time in 2009. This is a step of faith, and we encourage you to assist us in meeting this significant target.

The lawyer has been instructed to set up a new private company in Zambia to be called Limapela Community Development. This company will own the property and will be the legal entity responsible for the running of the project. The company directors will be Mpundu Mutala (Lusaka), Rev Patrick Chanda (Kitwe), Terry Webster and Matthew Raymond. The project will begin as soon as the property has been paid for and immigration permits granted.

Priorities for The First Stage of the Project

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