The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

22 January 2009

Starting at Cedric School

It remains the aim of the Foundation to get started at Cedric School after Easter. Trustees Matthew Raymond and Terry Webster are to fly out to Zambia on 16 March for 6 weeks to finalise the purchase arrangements and other legalities. The volatile international currency market and the worldwide economic downturn have so far prevented us from reaching a formal agreement with the vendors, but it is clear that both we and they wish to see the Foundation take over the school.

Support from Long Bay College

Some of the staff at Long Bay College on Auckland’s North Shore have donated a large number of books and school resources that are surplus to their requirements. We can well imagine the excitement and gratitude of the Cedric staff and pupils when these eventually arrive in Zambia. We want to express our thanks to Long Bay College.



Despite the more diffficult economic times, we are encouraged to see the funds coming in steadily. Since fundraising began last April we have received NZ$280,500 in donations and pledges — NZ$94,600 for operational expenses and NZ$185,900 for capital expenses. It should be said that the NZ dollar, at US$0.52, is today as low as we have seen it in recent months. This adversely affects our fundraising targets, and we would need another NZ$66,400 at today’s rate of exchange to get started in Zambia, but an additional NZ$276,400 would be required to buy and establish 30 hectares of the farm. The long-term plan is to purchase the full 60 hectares of farmland that has been offered to the Foundation, so that self-sufficiency for the school can be achieved eventually.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the project. Your contribution could be a loan, a gift, or a contract to purchase shares in the project at NZ$500 per share. Deposits can be made directly into the Limapela Foundation account. Please contact us if you would like those details. Donations from the UK may be sent care of Echoes of Service, 124 Wells Road, Bath BA2 3AH.

Slide Show of Pupils at Cedric School

See a short slideshow of the boys and girls at Cedric.

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