The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

27 February 2009

Trustees’ Visit to Zambia

Matthew Raymond and Terry Webster will leave on 16 March for a six weeks visit to Zambia. During this time they aim to finalise the purchase agreement for Cedric School and the 8-hectare plot on which it is built. Other plans for the visit include:

Studying hard

Purchase of Vehicle

We were very pleased to hear that John Enright, one of our advisors in Zambia, has purchased on our behalf a one-owner Nissan Patrol in very good condition for US$9,600. This is an excellent price for such a vehicle in Zambia. The Raymonds and the Websters will own this vehicle, and its early purchase will allow Terry and Matthew to be independent transport-wise during their upcoming visit.

Purchase of Farmland

Although the Foundation has insufficient funds as yet, purchasing the farmland is still very much a part of the project proposal. In the meantime, leasing land may be possible so that agricultural projects can begin.


Funds raised or pledged by 22 February 2009:NZ$296,300
Shortfall required to start by August 2009:NZ$66,300

The Foundation is grateful to the many who have contributed so far. The New Zealand dollar is worth only US$0.50 today, but we feel we should not be deterred by this. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the project. Your contribution could be a loan, a gift, or a contract to purchase shares in the project at NZ$500 per share. Deposits can be made directly into the Limapela Foundation account. Please contact us if you would like those details. Donations from the UK may be sent to Echoes of Service, 124 Wells Road, Bath BA2 3AH, and will be tax deductible in this case.

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