The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

4 June 2009

Orphans at Cedric’s School

In May we learned that most of the 60 orphans enrolled in January had stopped attending when school fees were introduced in term 2 by the current owners. These fees are the equivalent of only NZ$10 per term, but that is clearly more than some families are able or prepared to pay. Our fee sponsorship scheme is well subscribed to so far, so we should be able to get some of these children back into school when we take over. If you would like to join this scheme please get in touch. The commitment, at only NZ$12 per child per month, will reduce the risk of these disadvantaged children losing their places through the non-payment of school fees.

School girl at desk

The Limapela Farm

We have now signed an agreement to purchase 50 hectares of farmland from John and Kendra Enright about 30 km from Cedric’s School. The Limapela Farm will be developed on this land, to provide an income support base for the Limapela educational projects, reducing dependency on financial support from abroad.

The agreed price is attractive at US$1,500 per hectare (NZ$2,343 at today’s rate of exchange), or around NZ$117,187 for 50 hectares. The agreement requires a deposit of NZ$31,250, and the balance to be paid off over three years.

Starting in Zambia

Terry and Carolyn Webster are now preparing to leave New Zealand and plan to fly direct to Zambia at the end of July. Matthew and Alison Raymond expect to arrive in Zambia in September. Terry’s first job will be to supervise the building of two small guest houses at Limapela Farm for themselves and the Raymonds to live in until larger houses can be built.

If your organisation, club or church is in New Zealand, and would like to hear more about The Limapela Foundation before the Websters and the Raymonds leave the country, please contact us so that we can arrange a visit.

Financial Needs

To get started, the Foundation estimates that it needs to raise a further NZ$97,000. This will help to cover the deposit on the farmland and the cost of building the guest houses for project staff. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with us. The exchange rate is moving in our favour at the moment, and we are praying that this will continue!

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