The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

1 July 2009

Meeting Financial Needs

The Foundation has now been blessed with a total of NZ$419,100 in funds and pledges. This leaves an estimated shortfall of NZ$18,000 to get started in September and run for the first year. We are grateful to our many generous supporters. Thanks to Peter and Tracey Thorp, who raised NZ$3,750 by hosting a fundraising concert in their home on 12 June with virtuoso pianist Jason Bae. What an honour, and what a performance!

Fundraising for the Cedric Project for succeeding years must continue of course until self-sufficiency is reached. The project will begin on 1 September. We now have fee sponsors for 80 children at Cedric’s School, and many of these sponsors have already started quarterly payments. If you would like to be a fee sponsor, please let us know. The commitment is NZ$12 per month per child — the same price as three cups of coffee in most cafes! Sponsors will receive a photo and information about their sponsored child in September.

Preparations for Starting in Zambia

If you would like to send items that are on our shopping list, please get in touch with us so that they can be sent by container. Items can be new or used, but if the latter, they need to be in good condition. We will not be sending used computer hardware, as it is generally not worth the cost of transport.

If your organisation, club or church is in New Zealand, and would like to hear more about The Limapela Foundation before the Websters and the Raymonds leave the country, please contact us so that we can arrange a visit.

Supporting the Limapela Foundation

Donors may send cheques to our NZ postal address in any major currency, payable to The Limapela Foundation. Our application for donee status is still being processed, so donations made in New Zealand are still not tax deductible. British and American donors may send their gifts to the following agencies, who are processing donations on our behalf. When sending through other agencies, please record your name and address clearly, and indicate that your gift is intended for The Limapela Foundation. These donations will be tax deductible.

British Donors may send donations to this address:

Echoes of Service,
124 Wells Road,
Bath BA2 3AH
(cheques payable to Echoes of Service)

American Donors may send donations to this address:

Enright Flight Ministry
c/o Eileen Ledgerwood
1919 Jackson Lane
Port Orange,
FL 32128
(cheques payable to Enright Flight Ministry)

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