The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

2 September 2009


Matthew and Alison left Auckland on the 21 August and are now spending time with family in Dallas. They will be travelling on to Zambia via the UK, arriving on 15 September.

Terry and Carolyn arrived in Zambia on the 24th August after a very long flight. They spent 3 nights resting in Lusaka, and then travelled to the Copperbelt on the 27 August. They have now recovered from jet-lag and are settling into temporary accommodation.

Carolyn Webster with workers on building site

Please remember the Raymonds and Websters in your prayers as they settle into responsibilities in Zambia, and pray too for their extended family members in New Zealand and other parts of the world.


A 40-foot container has been packed with a lot of items including personal belongings, office equipment, desks, shelves, classroom furniture, milking plant and tools. The container has been sealed and will be leaving Auckland shortly. It is expected to take approximately nine weeks to arrive in Zambia. Please pray that it will arrive without delay and without any damage.

Boys in the playground


The concrete slabs for both one-bedroom project staff houses have been completed, and the erection of the walls has commenced. It is expected that the houses will be completed by the middle of September. Terry will be responsible for the provision of the power, water and sewage connections to the houses. We will move in to these houses after the container arrives.

Meeting Financial Needs

Two fundraising dinners for the Cedric Project were held in Auckland recently. The first was organised by Howick Presbyterian Church, and NZ$1,500 was raised. The second was organised by The Foundation with singer Tina Cross as our guest artist, and just over NZ$2,500 was raised. We are grateful to all those who contributed so generously to ensure the success of these events.

Fundraising for the project must continue of course until self-sufficiency is reached. Detailed information about how to donate can be found at Our application to the NZ Inland Revenue Department for donee status is still being processed, so donations made in New Zealand are still not tax deductible.

— Matthew Raymond and Terry Webster

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