The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

10 November 2009

Drummers at Independence Celebration Independence Day dancers

Independence Celebrations at Cedric’s

It was a day of jubilation to mark Zambia’s 45th year of independence — unrestrained singing, energetic drumming and colourful dancing. The day was dry and hot, and the dust rose in clouds from the dancers’ feet. The sweat glistened on the faces of the performers while the onlookers sheltered in the shade of the trees or under their umbrellas.

Cedric’s School has hosted this celebration on 24 October for many years. Sadly, founder Cedric Whittemore was hospitalised with pneumonia on the day, so was unable to attend. However, we were able to honour him for his thirty years of provision for the school, and we plan an event in January, with Cedric in attendance, to mark the formal transition to Limapela ownership.


Current Needs

The rains have now started in Zambia, bringing welcome relief from the October heat and sending Zambians scurrying to prepare their fields for planting. In church on Sunday our minister called on all farmers to stand while prayers of dedication were offered and requests for a good harvest were made. We are reminded that God “sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” (Matthew 5:45—NIV) and that in this country, if the rains fail, many will go hungry.

As so often happens with pioneering projects such as ours, costs are exceeding the budgeted figures. Please continue to support the Foundation. Funds for building, setting up costs, teachers’ salaries and books are all urgently needed. Student fee sponsorship is still required. Or you might consider contributing to the agriculture fund, so that Limapela Enterprises can more quickly get farming established and achieve self-sufficiency. Productive farming has the potential to fund all the teachers’ salaries at Cedric’s and reduce dependency on overseas giving, but solid capital is needed to get this going.

Your contribution, whether large or small, will bring improvements and blessing to the lives of the youngsters here in Zambia.

—Matthew F. Raymond, Chairman

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