The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

Children reading donated books

12 December 2009

The Limapela Cedric’s Basic School

“What makes you happy?” was my question to the Grade 6 class. “Playing football with my friends,” was one reply. “Reading stories,” was another. The children and staff were delighted to receive donated desks, chairs and boxes of books when our container arrived from New Zealand. It was the last week of term, so all has gone into storage for the holidays. Even so, the clearing out of old or unsuitable books sparked off a flurry of interest. The children sat on the school verandah for hours absorbed in pictures and print alike.

Planting at the school

The students and their teachers moved quickly to plant maize as soon as the rains started. Cedric Whittemore’s son Mike has been very generous with pig manure from his farm. The smell is appalling, but the maize will flourish!

Caroline Seitz, another local supporter who has green fingers, spent a morning helping to replant the main flower bed, and the students have spent hours making small fences to protect 20 native trees that we have also planted.

Our three month transition to new ownership will come to an end on 1 January. It has been a useful time, and we now feel more confident about the way forward. Establishing a comprehensive reading programme is imperative, and fluency in English must be improved. Our teachers have signed their new contracts. We would like to have increased their salaries by more than we did, but we trust further increases will be possible as we get established.

New water tower

Setting up Home

Terry Webster is a good Kiwi match for some colossal challenges — establishing a small compound on the Limapela Farm without the tools and machinery that we take for granted in the developed world. Our cottages, erected by ACS, South Africa, look nearly ready, but flooring, glazing, painting, electric fittings, kitchens and bathrooms remain to be completed. Pictured here is the erection of the water tower, expertly designed and built by our friend Conrad Klingenberg. Water tanks have been purchased and will soon be lifted into position. Terry is working on the electrical connections and the septic tank, which fills with muddy water, frogs and the odd snake with each rainstorm.

Project Needs

We are most grateful to all our faithful supporters. The ongoing needs of the project are many — farming start-up capital, development of the compound, electrification of the school, books and equipment — so please continue to support us.

—Matthew F. Raymond, Chairman

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