The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

26 April 2010

Warm greetings to you all from Zambia, where the rains are tailing off and the nights are getting slightly cooler. We are grateful for good health, protection from ever-present local dangers and for the resources to get on with the job here. Thank you to all our supporters for your interest and generosity.

Terry Webster working

Project Staff Housing

Terry has had to come to terms with lower standards of workmanship here in Zambia, and by the unavailability of building supplies that we take for granted in New Zealand. But he has been encouraged by the progress of two inexperienced young men he took on late last year. They are now learning new skills and achieving excellent standards under his guidance. One is a very good singer and the director of his local church choir. There are only 120 singers in this choir!

Terry and Carolyn moved into the first guesthouse this month, even though it was not quite complete. Those finishing jobs always seem to take the time — tiling, painting, plumbing and electrical connections — but the end is in sight.

Girl in class

The Limapela Cedric’s Basic School

The school has closed for the four week Easter break, but quite a number in grade 7 opted to return for two weeks of the holiday for extra lessons. Alison has been doing reading assessments, and this has been very helpful in deciding the best way forward at this level with reading recovery. Other pupils returned to work with their teachers on their entries for the art competition held annually at the Kitwe Agricultural Show in June. So the school has been a busy place.

Getting parents to pay school fees has been difficult. We charge a nominal NZ$9.00 per child per term (NZ$4.50 for those sponsored.) The principle is that everyone should play a small part with school expenses, and by so doing will appreciate better the service they are getting. There has been a history of defaulting, so we now have to insist that arrears will not be allowed to mount up.

The Water Project

We are grateful to several Rotary clubs, and especially to the Rotary Club of Kitwe as our sponsoring club, and to Rotarian Desmond Woods, who from Canberra is brilliantly coordinating the fundraising and the application to Rotary International for a matching grant. Our aim is to get the costs completely covered for the school water supply and one toilet block. Drop us an email if you are interested in making a donation towards this. If your donation is channelled through one of the participating Rotary clubs, and if the application is successful, it will be matched.

—Matthew F. Raymond, CHAIRMAN

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