The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

27 September 2010

Just over a year since the project began seems like a good time to reflect, count our blessings and reassess the continuing needs of our work here. We are grateful to all our supporters. As you join hands with us, we are seeing improvements in the lives of the children, their teachers, the workers we employ and many other seemingly casual bystanders. May God bless you for the part you are playing in this.


Children playing

Needs and Concerns

Our ten-year plan for Limapela Cedric’s School envisions a school of 500 pupils from pre-school to grade 9. To achieve this, the building programme will need to continue each year for eight years. Attaining satisfactory academic standards for our children is a challenge, requiring sustained work with our Zambian teachers. We need sponsors for more of our students, many of whose parents struggle to pay even the nominal fee of NZ$8.50 per term.

Thousands of other Zambian children in the Copperbelt Province alone do not have access to good schools in their communities. A Limapela primary and secondary school in the Baluba community where the Limapela Farm is situated is a future possibility. All this will require faith, funding, resources and personnel.

Self-sufficiency through agri-business profits has always been our aim, so that we can reduce dependency on overseas donors. Start-up capital is required, as well as funding to pay the next instalment on the Limapela Farm purchase. Zambians with skill and who share the Limapela vision are needed to help get the farming going.

Some of these challenges might seem impossible, but they are not. We believe in miracles, and we know that when miracles happen, cynics wonder and the needy are blessed.

—Matthew F. Raymond, CHAIRMAN

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