The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

18 December 2010

Petronella Siamwenya Petronella Siamwenya, who is one of a number of Limapela Cedric’s pupils who need a sponsor

We send warm Christmas greetings to you all. Your contributions to the less privileged in Zambia are possibly the most precious gifts you could ever give. May God bless you.

Glamorous needs obviously attract attention, and so far contributions towards these have been considerable. The less glamorous needs are the ongoing ones — books and teaching resources, desks and book shelves, painting and redecorating, repairs and maintenance. Your donations towards these are much appreciated.

The Water Project

We were delighted to hear that the Rotary Clubs of Canberra and Kitwe were successful with the Matching Grant application for Stage 1 of the Limapela Cedric’s water project. This will cover two bore holes, pumps and water storage tanks. We thank the RC of Canberra, who are now preparing the way for a much bigger Matching Grant application for Stage 2, which will include a toilet block. The general health and wellbeing of our children will be much improved once all this is fully operational.


Work is continuing on the cultivating of a hectare of land for the planting of san hemp. San hemp is a preparation crop and planting will commence after the rains have fully arrived. All this preparation work is being completed by local workers, using manual tools.

New Classroom Building

Classroom Building

Limapela Cedric’s is on track to start a Grade 8 class next month. This class will be made up of many of the students who have just completed our own Grade 7, and their parents are delighted that they will not have so far to walk to other schools to attend Grade 8. In September we started building a new classroom block — two classrooms, an office and storerooms — and as I write, most of the required materials have been purchased, and the walls have reached 2 metres in height.

Rotary Africa Calendar

These are selling fast. See our website for details and email us on for your copies. The price is NZ$15.00 each.

—Matthew F. Raymond, CHAIRMAN

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