The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Progress Report

3 March 2011

It has been touching to hear Zambians express concern for the victims of the recent earthquake in Christchurch. We are telling them that this has been a tough time for New Zealand. But some of our pupils at Limapela Cedric’s are unaware; such are the limits of their world here in semi-rural Zambia. At Friday school assemblies I usually give a short spiritual and motivational talk. Some of the children understand me. I am praying for the day when they all will!

Encouragements this year

Working together Working together — Benson, Thomas, Steve and Moses in front of the new classroom block at Limapela Cedric’s School.


Terry Webster has produced a draft Agriculture Business Plan that identifies a number of options for the Limapela Farm at Baluba. He is keen to start one or more of these options as soon as funding is available. The sunn hemp plants are growing well, and the seeds will be harvested soon.

Shopping Online

Our British supporters can raise extra funds for Limapela by shopping online via Check this out!

Thank you all for your interest and support. Young Zambian lives are being improved because of it.

—Matthew F. Raymond, CHAIRMAN

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