The Limapela Foundation
Cedric School Project

Toilet and Ablution Block

Many children who live in poor communities in Zambia have little experience of running water, flushing toilets or hot showers. At home they draw their water from a well or a communal tap, use a pit latrine and bath in a bucket of cold water. At school Limapela’s objective is to provide standards of hygiene for these children that are as high as those enjoyed in higher income communities.

We know that diseases are easily transmitted when children use pit latrines, and when they are not able to wash properly. Zambian teenage girls will stay home rather than use a sub-standard toilet at the critical time of the month.

With the generous help of a number of Rotary Clubs and a Matching Grant from Rotary International we now have two bore holes, pumps and storage tanks at Limapela Cedric’s School. Stage 2 of the Water project is to build a quality toilet and ablution block that will adequately provide for the 340 children and young people now enrolled in the school.

The Building

The building will have facilities for girls at one end and for boys at the other. These facilities will include a total of 16 toilets, 12 handbasins and 6 showers. Separating the two ends will be toilets for male and female staff members. Construction will be done by local contractors using locally purchased materials and fittings where possible.

The estimated cost is ZMK 305.3 million, or US$ 63,204.

Rendering of Toilet and Ablution Block

Sponsors for this Project

The Rotary Club of Kitwe is the host club for this Limapela project, and the Rotary Club of Canberra, Australia, has taken the initiative for fundraising for another Matching Grant from Rotary International in Evanston, USA.

The target has now been met, and we are deeply grateful to the many Rotary clubs that have contributed so generously to make this possible. As soon as we have a full list we post it on this page. In the meantime we would like to pay special tribute to Desmond Woods of the Rotary Club of Canberra for his tireless work in promoting Limapela needs among Rotary Clubs and in his community.

Our thanks go also to RI for their commitment to community development projects such as ours. This is the second such grant from RI, the first being to sink two boreholes to provide running water for the school. What a difference this has made!

As soon as all pledges have been called in, Rotary International will forward the Matching Grant and the building will begin.

Expected Outcomes and Implications

  • Improved sanitation will promote better health.
  • Keeping clean will improve the children's sense of wellbeing.
  • Clean hands will prolong the life of schoolbooks and keep walls and facilities looking smarter.
  • The facilities will set a standard to which our young people can aspire in their own communities.

Contact People

Desmond Woods
Rotary Club of Canberra
Phone: +61 2 6161 7021

Matthew Raymond
Limapela Development
Phone: +260 97 581 9189

Michael Kauzi
Rotary Club of Kitwe
Phone: +260 95 567 1666